Welcome to SMS!

School of Modern Skills (SMS) is located in the Muhaisnah-1 area in Dubai, and it opened its doors for 380 students in 2005. SMS is a school for boys & girls from KG1 to Grade 12. During this scholastic year 2013/2014, there are around 1500 students in total. The enrolment is growing and a new campus for girls has been established. About 90% of the students are Emiratis. The remaining 10% made up of expatriate students from other countries. This is a predominantly middle socio-economic Emirati community The school has an average class size of 22. There are about 80 teachers including two Emiratis and the rest are either Arabs or foreign expatriates. There are   three full time social workers, two science laboratory technicians, a doctor and two nurses, two full-time librarians, three employees for LRC and eight security guards.

The Senior Management Team consisting of (Principal, Vice Principal, three head supervisors and the curriculum coordinator) and the Middle Management Team (HODs and subject coordinators and sections supervisors) have clearly defined roles and they work collaboratively together. There are 35 timetabled lessons per week all over the cycles. Teachers’ teaching loads range from 16 to 24 lessons per week and they conduct IEPs.  Generally, teachers also have at least two PD sessions (department PD and/or whole staff PD)

Buildings: There are two campuses in the school. The main campus has 56 classrooms while the girls’ campus has only and 20. There are two science labs, a library and three LRCs, PD rooms, numerous offices, three swimming pools and an administrative wing, all inter-connected. The building has two large assembly areas and playgrounds.  Most students’ activity is conducted in the gymnasium or outside. The gymnasium is considered as a multi-purpose hall, school facilities were upgraded to cope with the growing student population, The Canteen is a newly located area – built into the structure of the existing building,